Coruscant, Production d'électricité solaire

Spécialiste de la couverture photovoltaïque de parkings.

Coruscant, specialized in photovoltaic carports

Coruscant is an independent solar energy producer, specialized in photovoltaic carports. Our solution is a practical answer to urban densification, turning a simple parking area into a solar power plant.

We finance, build and operate photovoltaic carports installations. The electricity produced is sold either :
to the national company at a fixed price on a long term period (minimum 20 years) when feed-in tariff is implemented
directly to the company, owner and/or user of the parking, at a fixed price on a long term period (minimum 20 years).

Benefits of the solution:

  • solar energy production without any land consumption,
  • no impact on landscape,
  • energy production close to the consumption site (no loss in line or grid infrastructure investment required).

We support all the engineering and construction works and costs to implement the solar carport on a parking. Meanwhile we  sign a 20 years long term lease with the land owner.

The benefits for the parking owner are :

  • no cost or work,
  • rental parking revenues during 20 years,
  • better service offered to the parking’s users with shade and thermal comfort,
  • positive image as a renewable energy player,
  • acquisition for free of the facility after a defined period,
  • contribution to reduce greenhouse gases emissions.

To contact us :
Coruscant – 75 rue Saint-Lazare – 75009 Paris
phone : +33 951.83.83.03